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Our schools offer an International Language Class. This International Language Class is available to children who have been in the Netherlands less than one year and do not or hardly speak the Dutch language. The International Language Class focuses on learning the Dutch language. The children will follow an intensive programme concentrating on speaking, reading and writing the Dutch language, as well as the Dutch culture and traditions. The objective of the program is to develop a level of proficiency in Dutch that will allow them to move to a regular school within one year. The 4 and 5 year olds will start immediately in a regular grade 1-2 class, children in this age group may also start in a grade 1-2 class of a regular primary school. With children of different age groups and competency levels, the International Language Classes mostly follow an individual program. The learning environment is designed to ensure children can work independently as much as possible. This allows the teacher to instruct a single group or pupil.

Please note that an International Language Class is not the same as an International School http://www.expatcentreleiden.nl/taxes_insurances_and_living/education#international